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PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:06 pm 
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Hi all. Excuse the rant, but... well, I need to rant.

The WWDC Keynote has come and gone, and other than the breathless complaining about no new high(er) end MacBook Pros or more powerful Apple Silicon processors, the main vibe I'm picking up from innumerable Mac channels is that iPadOS is preventing the iPad Pro hardware - now M1 powered - from being fully exploited because we don't have "pro" apps like Final Cut and Logic Pro.

Firstly, let's state the obvious. Final Cut for iPad already exists - it's called LumaFusion (slow clap).

Logic Pro for iPad already exists too - it's called Auria Pro. Or Cubasis 3, which honestly feels more modern compared to the neglected Auria Pro... but I digress.

My point is, there are TONNES of fantastic apps for iPadOS that are practical for every day professional use. Hell, I can trace around a house with my laser pointer and draw a millimeter accurate DWG file with AutoCAD in real time. That freaks clients out (although it's clunkier than it ought to be).

I'm really at a loss as to why people are screaming for Apple-produced pro apps.

It's not like you'd get a feature-for-feature replication of those two macOS apps on iPadOS anyway... even if the processing power is now there, the touch-biased interface and comparatively small 7"-13" single display mean Apple would have to do a massive conceptual redesign of how the apps work in order to, well, make them work in a way that would satisfy their own standards. Or the users, for that matter.

Both those desktop apps are uncomfortably cramped on a single HD monitor (in my opinion anyway) and almost all "pro" users would have multiple and/or ultrawide display setups. Multiple monitor support is a whole other kettle of fish re: the iPad, some of which would be genuinely great, but much of the appeal of the iPad in general as a content creation tool is its portability, so that single screen capability has to be retained. Being strapped to a desk to use your 2x27" UHD displays rather defeats the point, at least some of the time.

Also, given how much criticism Apple gets for "sherlocking" third party apps with its own creations, I'm kinda surprised there's so much thirst to throw standout, well-established, high-achieving pro level products like LumaFusion under the bus. I'm sure LumaTouch would vastly prefer Apple not completely screw over the market they've steadily built up over the past few years anyway ;-)

LumaFusion mightn't be an equal feature-for-feature match to FCP, Resolve or Premiere, and I don't honestly it needs to be. Sure, there's plenty of additional functionality I and everyone else would love to have, and much of it is coming in the next version and add-on packs we're all anxiously waiting to drop.

If you're the type of person who regularly stretches a desktop-class pro NLE to its limits for professional work, then clearly you're not going to be wanting to do all of that on an iPad. For rough cuts/dailies on the go to move over to a desktop NLE later on, or for those of us with more modest production requirements, the functionality's already here or will be soon. Personally I believe much of the appeal of LumaFusion is that it provides the extra power and flexibility you don't get out of an iMovie-level application without drowning you in 1000 features 95% of users don't actually need.

M1 power in iPads is still new and it will take developers a little while to make good use of it. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to too, bearing in mind the need to maintain usability on lesser powered iPad models. Maybe this is where Apple can provide better direction and delineation as to how developers can and should support and utilise the varying classes of iPad hardware? I can't imagine Apple are particularly keen to break compatibility across current models but clearly what makes full use a 12.9" iPad Pro mightn't necessarily work on a base model Mini.

At this point, I think Apple's best move would be to simply provide greater OS-level codec support. ProRes support should be a no-brainer, AVCHD and DNX would be great and BRAW would be an awesome flex. Ditto for audio codecs.

Give developers that support, plus say maybe improved support for extending their app UIs onto external monitors, and surely we have all that's required to make most people happy (provided they're being sensible).

Ok, rant over ;-) Would be interested in other LM users' take on all this.

Cheers, Ben.

Bender & Xing - Hiking Videos from Tasmania, Australia.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:19 pm 
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Sounds fair enough but don’t really know much about professional use. I just wish the Photos app wouldn’t give my carefully titled videos a random and useless thumbnail!


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