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Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)
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Author:  KuramaHiei [ Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

I didn't find any topics regarding this, but I am curious to know about the community and get to know everyone here.

Why did you choose LumaFusion?
What awesome videos are you making with LF?
What got you into video editing and what is your story?

I am a newbie editor and only got started with video editing recently, and I'm scared that I'm not going to be great at it. LF seemed like a great investment from a financial point of view and a great editor that could do it all for my purpose. I'm only trying to film and edit my travel experience, but eventually want to make awesome vacation itinerary packages for viewers. My biggest reason for choosing LF is the ease of whipping out my iPad and editing my videos easily while travelling. There are probably many different creators out there but, as LF users, what do you create and what's your passion?

Author:  Mark NZL [ Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

Good on you. Go for it.
This community is a tiny proportion of LumaFusion users and might only represent the somewhat techie enthusiasts.
It’s hard to make good videos and that’s why I like it. Photos are easy! But the principle is the same - keep trying, keep learning, and eventually you might make a good one. It’s just more time consuming with video and may require more luck.
I’ve been making travel and local event videos with LumaFusion and its predecessor Pinnacle Studio for years. I don’t publish these days. You have to be all in on self promotion/social media to have success. Ok but it isn’t me. I still make lots of videos though.
The difficult part of making travel videos is balancing your interest in video making with the experience of being there. Videoing can easily destroy the experience for you and others. I try to keep the shooting to a minimum. If I was videoing professionally it would be different.
Ideally I’d script or at least plan my videos. I don’t. Without a calculated dramatisation the best thing you can do is to keep them very short and simple (<2 min) and use lots of different camera angles (general scene, close up details, action). Let the subject speak for itself. If it doesn’t your audience probably isn’t interested in every one of your great shots or the fancy effects.
Don’t let me put you off. It’s great if you put the effort in. Most of the discussion in this forum is about technical issues but keep in mind that the real secret is not how to edit but how to tell a good story. We don’t talk about that really but you’ll get some ideas from the shared videos sub. This guy had some good insight
LumaFusion is fantastic but try to establish a routine and template of your preferred format for travelling. You don’t want to be spending 3 hours every evening editing. I often drop clips into a template video using the replace, keep timeline length option. Background music is great but many people overlook the atmospheric effect of ambient sound. I often make videos with no music but might use an audio track to make the environment sound continuous through various clips. Recording a band marching through an Italian village with shots of the people and sights - very real.
Hope this is useful. All the best

Author:  Dave Barton [ Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

My videos aren’t awesome

If I’m honest, I’m not the best at editing

Why did I choose LumaFusion - it’s got more than everything I need

I have great fun doing them and that’s why I do it

Author:  LarryGB [ Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

I mostly produce family videos, local events, private archiving and the like. Nothing Pro or even Semi.
I started with Avid Studio [DV?], and down through the years have followed the development from there, thru to Pinnacle Studio [and desktop], and now to LumaFusion. Premier Elements was a bump on the highway too.
I have a friend who puts together home grown DIY Fixit Youtube videos who was working with a small Apple App, and needed more features. I turned him onto Pinnacle Studio and lately to LumaFusion. Very happy with product and is progressing through the well explained learning curves.

Great Product, no other match in price range or options.

Thanks Luma Touch!

Author:  RobChisholm [ Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

welcome KuramaHiei,

Think Mark says it all tiny proportion of users here, theirs loads on FB sites, but here much nicer and Knobby Dave always at hand, even he can make videos yet to see one.

For me KuramaHiei, my desk top died, selling home changed the office into dinning room.
Ipad sat about, lumafusion was available but I thought do I buy a laptop and edit on the lap.

Hell £20 quid for an app, what have I got to lose but a learning curve.
So for me I was surprised at LF.
One area they appear still to apply, is this sense of wishing to improve, their still home grown stages with an advancement of progress which is quite astonishing.

App's yield little profits and require a massive amount of time and efforts to keep them current.

Yet to date I not seen any issues or lack of a mission to become the best leader in mobile editing, if LF ran nasa, we would have been to mar's and back.

Next project for 2021, landing on Jupiter with humans building on mars as a back ground project.

Their is still more than can be done I suspect the limitations are set by the hardware, hell we may even have audio scrubbing - no we will have audio scrubbing some day.

Upon writing this KuramaHiei, some area's I believe are important.

Editing for myself has always been in a office, advantages, space big screen, the day I went to small iPad candy land. Did take some getting use to, areas like just getting video into iPad or out are terrible even now.

But the areas that open up here begin with the user can be more free, ideas are not born in an office, if your prepared to carry the tablet around with you.

You can edit in the doctors surgery, hospital waiting room, on the bus.
Idea pops in start animation, drawing compile and edit, no more waiting to arrive to the office.

Spontaneous is what LumaFusion is to me.

Author:  tonygardner [ Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

I am by no means a professional videographer, but like everyone else, my time is equally valuable. LumaFusion was and is my saving grace in that area and more!

For myself and my wife, I enjoy recording my hobbies, and hope that someday I will have more than ten subscribers on YouTube who can benefit just a little from my life experiences. Specifically, that would be woodworking, music, and playing pool in my local organized pool league.

For months, I sat on all the raw video footage my wife and I had recorded, but the task of editing it seemed a bit overwhelming. I tried a few of the free and trial-based apps on my iMac, but the experience simply wasn't enjoyable -- possibly even because the learning curve to really do things well was just too high.

Last Winter I "bit the bullet" and bought an iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen. I purchased an awesome app for recording video, and the footage was of pretty good quality, but the task of turning it into an engaging video for others to enjoy was still beyond my reach. A couple of months ago, I was vacationing with my family in Tucson and using an app called Splice which I'm pretty sure is made by GoPro. I had made a few not-so-awesome videos with that app, but realized that I was actually waiting a VERY long time to render a clip, especially the lengthy ones! All I wanted to do was to edit out some of the superfluous footage, patch the gaps up with very basic transitions, and maybe add a handful of titles. Something was definitely not right -- the editing process was painfully slow, and I was using a high-octane iPad Pro speed machine!!! So, I hit the App Store...

Being somewhat of a cheap-skate, I always scrolled past LF because it was more than 99 cents, but then the whole "my time is valuable" thing hit me like a ton of bricks, and I boldly threw down my virtual $20 bill, and clicked BUY!

I sheepishly opened the app, but within fifteen minutes, I was fairly comfortable with the basics. So, I showed it to my son who IS a professional motion video designer, and he immediately started diving in to all kinds of features with words that I seriously did not understand. Point-for-point he spouted off all the things that were pretty much the same (or at least close) to his $600+ programs running on $2K+ machines. And so my obsession with learning LF began.

After completing a handful of eye-popping videos with version 1.7, and a lot of thumbs up from my friends, version 2.0 came and I am now certifiably and undeniably addicted to this off-the-chains app.

Yup. Hooked for life. Anybody know of a good support group?

Author:  brousseb [ Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

Here is my story, I created my first video in 2011 after taking a trip to Maui with my family. I was editing on a cheap HP laptop and Adobe premier elements, the video sucked but I saw the potential ( My first decent video was the following year to the Big Island of Hawaii, I put more time into it (40 hours) and still using my cheap HP laptop took about 4 hours to export, it was much better but the time involved was too much (I did this while on vacation): I then moved to MacBook Air and Adobe Premier Elements which sped things up and was fine for 1080 video, my editing was getting faster also.

Then in 2017 I moved to 4k and although my 2013 MacBook Air was still working, I had some pretty serious limitations I had to workaround. I would film in 4K and edit the timeline in iMovie because it was optimized for MacOS and cut 4k video with no issues. However, colour grading was pretty much non-existent unless you wanted overbaked filters applied. I would export the video as ProRes in order to get around the 40mbps max bit rate of iMovie and import that into the free version of Davinci Reslove for colour grading. Resolve could handle the Prores file mostly OK (some choppiness) and I could split the video and apply colour grading, horizon leveling and export the final video as about 75mbps (anything higher would overheat my MacBook and crash), the export would take about 45 minutes for a 5 minute video.

I picked up an iPad Pro 11" shortly after it was released and right after discovering LumaFusion existed, I was surprised that it could do everything I needed it to do but extremely surprised at how fast it could export 150mbps videos - almost real time! I was able to import all my LUT's that I was using in Davinci Resolve. I do a lot of scuba diving videos as well which require some pretty strong colour grading, LumaFusion could not handle this to my satisfaction. But no problem, I performed my usual grade in Resolve and export the LUT to LF which gives a great starting point which I can tweak in LumaFusion.

Over the years I've cut down the time it takes to create a video from 40 hours to about 4 hours, it's much easier sitting in front of my iPad doing this compared to a laptop. With iPadOS 13 on the horizon (I'm running the beta now) this will complete the solution for me. I no longer need a laptop.

I've cut down the amount of equipment I carry now too, just an iPhone + gimbal and my iPad (for the most part), throw in a compact superzoom for wildlife trips. Now I just need to figure out how to cut down my 9 pound rig for underwater video, but that's a different story.

Here are my latest videos done in LumaFusion, nothing too fancy but great for memories:

Last vacation:
Last tropical scuba video:

Author:  Stride8 [ Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

Why did you choose LumaFusion?
I got a toy drone a few years back for Father's day and that sparked an interest in drones and ended up buying the DJI Phantom3. And then moved up to the Mavic Pro. I wanted to make some fun and interesting videos but was limited to the apps available for Android users so I could not take full advantage of using 4K footage. After doing some research, I saw a video on Youtube about an app that could edit 4K video. LUMAFUSION. But, it was only for iOS devices :cry: So I bought a 6th Gen iPad and purchased Lumafusion and have been happy ever since :)

What awesome videos are you making with LF?
I'm just doing videos that I have interest in. I really want to make videos for young athletes so that they can use them for college recruiting content. This was something that I did not have growing up so I want to see athletes get a chance to showcase their talents to have better opportunities. I captured video of my daughter for many years which paid off with a full athletic D1 gymnastics scholarship. I feel that exposure is key nowadays.

What got you into video editing and what is your story?
The 16+ years of filming my Daughter in gymnastics. After realizing that I could put together a decent video to showcase talent or tell a story, I really wanted to do more. Aerial videography gives a unique perspective and I want to share that with anyone interested in watching.

Author:  EducationPrinciples [ Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why do you do what you do? (Share your reason for choosing LF and your story)

I am an instructional designer that specializes in eLearning development. I often work for non-profit organizations with limited budgets. I wanted to be able to quickly and easily edit simple videos that i could embed in larger lessons. After spending way to much money on Adobe and Apple products i wanted something less expensive.

I did not want to bring my personal laptop to and from work (i often have to take the bus) and having the iPad is a great alternative.

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