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PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:02 pm 
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I have made over 300 short videos with LumaFusion over several years and have worked out my own system to make them easy to locate and play instantly. In theory I'd use the Photos app but in practice I can't. Because of iCloud synch only very recent videos will play without having to wait for a slow download. It's no use trying to show someone a video in the middle of a conversation if you have to wait more than 5 seconds!

Before I export any video from LumaFusion I make sure the project is named in the format YYMMDD NAME where NAME contains useful words for search such as the event, place and maybe family members' names. This will become the file name, hidden in the Photos app but transferred to the copies I share to the Files app. The name can be used to sort the order in Files and is preferable for sorting by date because sort by date in Files uses the file creation date which usually is not the true date of the recorded event (also there's no way of changing it).

In practice I save the finished video first to Photos where it will be backed up in iCloud but I then share it to an on device folder in the Files app on both my iPad and my iPhone (I put them in a folder of the nPlayer app which I often use for continuous play but they could go anywhere on device). Because the file name has useful search terms it's easy enough to search quickly for particular words in Files (unlike Photos which is not searchable by keyword and in which videos often have quite a random and unrecognisable thumbnail). I also tag the videos in Files into useful categories such as Family, places and a couple of frequent subjects but this is probably overkill.

By the way, for on device storage I often replace the original file with one with a smaller file size using a Shortcuts action that saves it by as a smaller H265 file. I think this is equivalent to the economy setting in LumaFusion but I tend to use standard for the first version going into Photos. So far I've managed to avoid overfilling my devices and for on device viewing the quality is just as good. Yes I know in theory I could always be carrying around my videos in plug in storage but that's not going to happen.

Because many of my videos are travel videos or videos linked to a particular location I also have them plotted in a map app where I can quickly look for any videos fora particular location. I use Guru Maps for this and each video pin has links to the iPad and iPhone video files so tapping on the appropriate one will bring up the video. The links are also created with shortcuts although they have to be run on both devices at the same time which requires a bit of coordination. Guru Maps has excellent iCloud synch. It would probably be easier to have pins for iPhone and iPad in separate folders but unfortunately you can't hide/display them independently on the devices because that is synched too.

Yes you can also show videos on a map in any folder in the Photos app if you don't mind the limitations mentioned above. You will have to use a metadata app to set the location if you want it to show the real location rather than where you were when you saved the final video. I also usually change the date to the actual event date rather than when the video was published. Metapho is quite a good metadata app and recently I've been using BestPhotos which works with videos as well as photos and is slightly easier.

Well I hope this makes sense and has been useful to someone. I know most people don't make videos for recording life events and places like this but if you do then filing them and retrieving them easily for display (often years later) is quite difficult. So if you're interested and have questions ask away.


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