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** Coming this Summer ** Version 3.0 ** UPDATED April 29 **
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Author:  Dave Barton [ Wed Apr 21, 2021 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  ** Coming this Summer ** Version 3.0 ** UPDATED April 29 **

At the Apple Spring Loaded iPad Pro event in Cupertino during the event, executives from Apple provided a sneak peak of a new feature for syncing and editing clips from multiple camera and audio sources within LumaFusion called MultiCam Sync. The new MultiCam Sync feature is part of a larger comprehensive update coming to LumaFusion this summer.

Professional editors will recognize MultiCam Sync as an elegant new form of multicam editing that has been optimized for a touch screen editing environment unique to LumaFusion. Aspiring content creators, filmmakers, journalists, videographers and everyday storytellers will see this as a way to easily and automatically sync up to 12 camera sources and multiple audio tracks. This creates a 'multicam clip' with perfectly synced audio and video that can be simply dropped onto the LumaFusion timeline.

Once on the timeline, the multicam clip can then be opened in the editing switcher where the editor can switch to any camera at any time - all with simple taps to create cuts. The synced clip can then be used as a normal clip on the timeline, making it a great feature for mobile journalists and those who record with an external mic and need to sync the audio to the video. Additionally, Multicam Sync editing proves invaluable when editing interview sequences in which multiple cameras are capturing more than one participant, and external recording devices are capturing primary audio tracks.

Content creators producing music videos, wedding videos, or news-style interviews will immediately see the value in this new approach to multicam editing. With MultiCam Sync editing, a complex workflow involving multiple unsynchronized video and audio sources that once took hours to execute, now takes seconds.

LumaTouch also announced that the new update to LumaFusion leverages the new high-speed Thunderbolt 4 port in the newly-launched iPad Pro to enable External Drive Editing. This new capability represents a significant win for those customers looking to create longer form films, or video projects requiring significant storage. External Drive Editing enables LumaFusion editors to now edit from clips directly stored on external drives and connected to their iPad Pro via a Lightning cable.

LumaFusion v3.0

LumaFusion v3.0 will be available this summer 2021 and will ship with a number of new features and updates. At launch, LumaTouch will also announce two new “feature packs” that will be sold separately as in-app purchases. These new feature packs will include a number of powerful, professional editing features and capabilities that add significant flexibility and function to the LumaFusion workflow.

As part of these feature packs, LumaTouch will be adding Video Scopes as a new feature. These scopes will include Histogram, Waveforms and Vectorscopes in a configurable panel, so editors can choose which scopes to display based on their requirements. All scopes work in real time, so LumaFusion editors will be able to see results of settings changes immediately, and animate them to see results during video playback. All the scopes will work for both High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) color spaces.

While capabilities such as External Drive Editing will be included as a free feature, MultiCam Sync and Video Scopes will be sold separately as part of a comprehensive ‘feature pack.’ Details of all new features included, as well as pricing for the new feature packs will be announced at launch this summer.


In June we'll be releasing LumaFusion 2.5 as a FREE update to all customers.
Then later this year we'll release two purchasable feature packages - Director’s Pack and Craft Pack. Prices for these packs are TBA.
LumaFusion 2.5 (Summer 2021)

*Free features LumaFusion*
Video Stabilization
Resizable UI
Direct external drive editing and export
Audio EQ
3rd Party Audio Units
Dozens of small improvements to the editing experience.

LumaFusion Director's Pack
Multicam Editing
Advanced Keyframes
Advanced External Display Controls

LumaFusion Craft Pack
Speed Ramping (Yes Speed Ramping!!)
Proxy Editing

Our development team is working hard to release these features as soon as they're ready.

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