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Your only supposed to blow the doors off
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Author:  RobChisholm [ Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Your only supposed to blow the doors off

For many years I have worked with desktop systems, you cannot beat desktop for plugged in HD and editing in say Final Cut.

For mobile editing it is thoughts of but a dream.
However since 2016 December I have had an iPad Pro.
LumaFusion came to me, oh early 2017 I guess, Animation Pro later in 2017.

I am now more comfortable with a drawing tablet.
Ideas flow better, I do miss my experiences with a Wacom A3 tablet.
But this all requires power and space.
Take into consideration this video was made on the fly in between coffee shops and sitting in my van, you can maybe understand the advantages.

IOS is limited to 4 k for how long who knows, rumours of photoshop coming to IOS in full metal jacket, packed racked locked ready to rumble.

All I like now is audio scrubbing, 200 mega bytes read write over LAN using home wifi, oh and A3 options for a drawing slate.

They had that idea in the film the Island with Ewan McGregor. That’s way old now ideas.

Regards Rob

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