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How I made a video: Crankworx mountain biking
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Author:  Mark NZL [ Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  How I made a video: Crankworx mountain biking ... D0f7VSnS9A

It was a beautiful day and there was free entry for residents that day. No serious races but plenty of crazy people on bikes. Easy to walk around the site and sit or stand watching the action, and get lots of interesting angles with my Osmo Pocket. Have I said how much I love this thing - easy to use and no weight at all. Shove it in you pocket and continue scrambling up and down the slopes!

I used 4K to allow for some zoom and 30 FPS (some 60 but didn’t use them in the end - when they are doing flips it sorta looks slow motion anyway and I’m not too keen on effects for effects sake). Quite difficult to get good exposure in the dappled forest so I tried to keep the background consistent i.e. all sunlit or all shadowed. There are a couple of nice silhouetted shots however.

Ambient sound is important to me (it’s one of the real “makes you feel like you’re there” advantages of video compared to photos) so I try to be aware of that as well as the picture. This event was a bit tricky with sometimes commentary and music on loudspeakers. But you will notice that I have separated the audio from a lot of clips and spread it across the neighbouring clips which makes the video flow a bit. Recently I have been avoiding using a background music track unless the video is pretty boring.

During editing I’ve tried to assemble shots in action order even if they weren’t captured in order and sometimes I cheat which hopefully the casual viewer won’t notice. I used 2x enlargement on some of the stunts, and sometimes a repeat of the clip with variation, and I add some (usually slow) zoom-in, zoom-out, and pan shots to keep things moving. Fancy transitions and titles I tend to avoid because I’d rather the action spoke for itself. Most of the shots didn’t need much brightness adjustment but I do try to avoid big changes in colour or exposure from one clip to the next.

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know

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