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Stop motion and LumaFusion with Major Clanger
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Author:  RobChisholm [ Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:33 am ]
Post subject:  Stop motion and LumaFusion with Major Clanger

I am working on a story of David and Golitha and it is a huge learning curve for me in IOS.

So many restrictions, work flow not very simple in IOS.
I have made drawings animated, worked out lip sink.

One area is the re drawing of people from diffent angles and editing frame by frame.
Takes for ever and a 3 D modeller for a tablet would be more productive or just edit in Lightwave 3 D, Blender etc.

The story based upon what is written in the bible and my re interuptation of what i think really happened.

I am no way near to my fruition, however i did come across this app “Stop Motion” has manual camera control.

I placed a green screen on the table shot under house lights, now off to town to buy some play doo plastascene and green card to make a studio box.

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