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Patagonia video and techniques
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Author:  Mark NZL [ Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Patagonia video and techniques

I use LivePhotos when I can because they are quick to shoot on the go and easier to keep individually than video clips. I process them with the MotionStills app and import them into LF.

Some footage was with long zoom on my camera. Usually handheld because it's quick (and safer in Patagonian winds!). I stabilise them with the Deshake app. My old camera has 12x zoom but the stabilisation is designed for stills. Deshake does a pretty good job.

I'm quite proud of the swimming penguin shot which was at max zoom from a moving ferry. I had to stabilise this manually in LF with keyframes and a sticker on the screen to mark where the penguin should remain. I then used screen keying to clone more sea to the black borders introduced by the stabilising.

I'd love LF to have stabilisation, LivePhotos support, the ability to manually sort thumbnails in a full page view like the Photos app custom albums (or just retain the manual sort order set in Photos albums!), and an ability to set an preliminary automatic trim for all clips to x seconds. This would make it so much quicker to set-up multi clip projects ;)

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