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questions about icloud syncing and backup
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Author:  danklim [ Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  questions about icloud syncing and backup

Hi I have some questions about icloud and backups, Could you please help?

I'm starting to use this app as my main video editor and i realized that i want to back up all my projects, including media, in case my ipad breaks. I looked thru the manual to see the best way to do this and see that it supports manual backup by exporting via itunes or icloud. It also recommends using an app like iMazing or iExplorer to manage files, though I've never used either before.

Can you please recommend/advise the best way(s) to back up full projects? Is there any way to automatically backup full files to my computer via icloud or something else? Or is manual export the only option?

Also, Is there any way to sync basic project data across devices over icloud? For some projects, I don't want to sync all of the media in the project across all devices because that would take up so much data, but it would be helpful if i could see some basic info like project names and captions across all of my devices, so that I can keep track of what I'm working on easier.I see the manual says that multiple backups of all my projects are auto-saved in my files app, with data only and no media. If i sync my files app to Icloud, does this sync basic project data across devices? Or does it work in a different way? I just enabled icloud drive and enable LumaFusion in the ios Icloud drive settings, so that means that the project and project data ( except for the media) should be accessible on all my devices now, right? Or is there anything else that i need to do?


Author:  Dave Barton [ Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: questions about icloud syncing and backup

Hi danklim

Yes, see the manual. page 90

That should tell you what you want to know

Author:  RobChisholm [ Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: questions about icloud syncing and backup

Hello Danklim,

Here are some ideas for you, as I have been through this myself over the past year.
If you wish for more detailed explanation just ask.

1: Cloud storage ICloud you can have a good interface see RAW, PSD images etc.

2: Video uploading to cloud are super slow once you go into Gigs.

3: I use LumaFusion archive function save to my cloud home drive, see image it is the white drive on the right of the image, other drives plug into this.

4: Down sides are WD app you cannot see some files like RAW, upload a gig of video = 6 mins.

5: WD app has an excellent download manager, you select down load then you are free to use other apps, it downloads in the back ground.

6: Androu has the gnarbox and WD wireless drives and it would appear you can transfer files faster than a speeding bullet, if so your problems have been resolved :) Their is a page on the site talking about this currently now.

Regards Rob

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