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PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 2:16 am 

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Hello Forum Members,

I love LumaFusion and have been using it for a long time, but I’ve noticed there are a few features that don’t seem to exist.

1. Keyframe Easing
Every good editing software has keyframe easing - whether that be in the form of inbuilt presets or a customisable graph. Even a lot of other iOS editing apps, such as Cute Cut and Videostar, have Keyframe easing. It makes work so much easier and allows movements to have an exponentially smoother feel.

2. Keyframing in the Speed and Reverse Menu
Continuing on with the topic of keyframes, we desperately need the ability to keyframe changes in speed! Speed ramping is also essential for a smooth flow rather than a jittery start-stop feeling. I have seen this is in some stand alone apps made to do specifically this, however it’s not very convenient as it’s hard to sync things up when you can’t see the rest of the timeline.

3. Time Remapping
Very related to keyframing speed changes, time remapping would allow the ability to graph speed changes across a whole clip at once. Ideally it would be position through clip / time elapsed regarding the timeline. This would allow perfect syncing.

4. An Improvement to the Marker Function
Markers should appear on the individual clip as well as on the full view timeline. If I have a 10 minute project and place many markers a few seconds apart (for syncing purposes), it becomes impossible to determine where they actually are. If they appeared on the clips themselves, I would simply be able to zoom in on the timeline to see them. I know I could split the clips wherever I want to mark, but this makes it impossible to add effects to them as one clip.

5. Group and Merge Layers / Clips.
This would be be very helpful for managing clips and layers. Merging a layer would mean combining the entirety of two layers into one new clip, without any effects on it. I know you can do this by deleting all other clips isolating the two and exporting, but this is impossible when you have hundreds of other clips on the timeline. Merging a clip would mean the same as above but for selected clips instead of a layer (the clips shouldn’t have to be from the same layer).

Grouping a clip is a much more temporary version of the above, where you can group certain clips or layers to add effects over the all of them at once, being able to ungroup them once done.

6. The Ability to Add Multiple of the Same Effect to a Single Clip
I know with the above requested grouping feature pre existing effects might conflict with the new ones you’re trying to add (e.g. I already have a colour correction effect applied to one clip but I’m trying to add a new one to the group.) This could be solved being able to add multiple layers of the same effect.

Another example where this would be useful is when chroma keying. Say I had a green screened background where the shade of green changes due to lighting, meaning I can’t key out the green in one go. If I was able to add multiple chroma keys, this wouldn’t be an issue. I would be able to key out the first shade of green, then add a new chroma key layer and key out the residual greens. Again, I know this can be done by keying out the first green, exporting, then keying remaining greens, but this is just not convenient when I want to keep things within one project.

This should also be able to be applied to size and position changes, or really any effect for that matter.


Thanks for taking the time to read these requests. I’ve noticed that previous requests for some of the features listed above have been replied to with something along the lines of “they’re on the ‘to-do list’ but aren’t being tested right now’. Is there any update to this? These requests and relied have been coming for several years now.

Maybe creating an app like LumaFusion is really difficult work and I’m being very ignorant with the paragraph above. Regardless, LumaFusion is a great app, and it would just be great to see these features added.


PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 4:02 am 
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Hi fadaaszhi

Welcome to the forum

Thanks for the suggestions

Some of the 'being tested' things are close to release now ;)

.. Good things come to those who wait

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