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Sorting bug with media in photos app
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Author:  max3.2 [ Sat Jun 06, 2020 9:24 am ]
Post subject:  Sorting bug with media in photos app


I feel like sorting is broken in the current version (for me?). When using media which is in an album of the photos app, sorting by name produces not the expected by all, the order of the files seems almost random (the name displayed above the files is as expected, the order not!).
This gets worse when color tags are used - sometimes they all land together at the end, sometimes somewhere in the middle...sometimes they scatter all around. A refresh might change the sort alltogether...
Can’t really say since when this is present since I haven’t used Luma a while but I think it must be 2.2.3 or iOS 13.5. Do not recall this issue from earlier edits...Any ideas?


Edit: Name is called title in the english version I guess? Sorting by creation date seems more stable. Seems like internally, color tagging edits something on the name? Or the names from the photos app are messed up in a way not visible to the user?
Or am I the error here and mistake what “title” is supposed to mean?

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