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Author:  brigimon [ Thu May 14, 2020 9:07 am ]
Post subject:  Feature Requests for animators

I am using LumaFusion for editing my animations. I love it a lot, but here are some things that will definitely help:

1. 12 FPS support: There are some occasions where I want to move my animations using LumaFusion key frames instead of hand
animating them. For instance a moving background image. This turns out weird because I animate in 12 FPS and the project is usually set to 24Fps, so the background is moving every frame while the character is moving every other frame. Is it possible to add 12 FPS project support?

2. Clip loop/cycle: Another tool I think will be useful is to cycle a clip. Often I have short clips that loop, and if I want to play them a couple of times in a row I Have to duplicate them, and it can be a lot of duplicates, some softwares let you stretch a clip beyond its original length and it will play it from the start.


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