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Official max output to external monitors?
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Author:  y_abooty [ Sun May 10, 2020 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Official max output to external monitors?

I’m looking for the official specs on external monitor support and can’t find anything in the reference guide or online.

Assuming a 2018/2020 iPad Pro and a wired connection to a monitor that is capable of 4k @ 60hz (easier said than done, I know), what is the highest spec that Lumafusion is sending out? Is it the full resolution and refresh, or limited in some way?

Also wondering what effect “preview quality” has on this. Is “fastest” still 4k but a heavily compressed bitrate, or something more akin to a 1080 or 720p proxy? Is “best” 4k and full original bitrate, and is there a maximum bitrate it supports?

It would be great to have a table showing this information somewhere in the reference guide, so we know what we’re working with and where any bottlenecks may lie. As I mentioned, getting a full 4k60hz signal from iPad Pro to monitor can require a bunch of troubleshooting (adapters, cables, monitor inputs, etc.), and ruling out software would be helpful. Thank you.

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