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// hello world
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Author:  lou_talks_mtb [ Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  // hello world

. . ... long time listener, first time caller..... . .

i'll try to make what would be an extremely long post to write down, as simple as possible

running this on a ipad pro 11 with stylus ( waiting on my libra keyboard ) have a small setup for the road, love lumafusion, etc.. etc.. all that jazz... .

do have a few suggestions, i'd say some must have been requested before - also, i feel like i might need to explain why i think we could all benefit from some of the below mentioned ( not just me... ) - but we'll see how well i fare. ...

- adjustment layer - i'll start with the obvious one - would love to see a way to apply a LUT to the entire project - an adjustment layer that we could cut would be awesome - if not, maybe at the checkout counter to have an option to just colour everything ? > suggestion >> maybe you could give the 'blank clip' more options, because cutting and pasting everything is just :|

( speaking of which... )

- cutting-copying and pasting needs an update - sometimes i want to move blocks of footage back and forward and i'm forced to do one by one - when the cuts are super-small it just makes the process annoying af > suggestion >> have a toggle switch that temporary lets you select clips in the timeline, pressing and holding pulls them out and you can drag to where you'd want them dropped, and on drop toggle the switch out. .. .

- three-act structure - ( buckle up, dorothy.. .... ) so, when i'm not passed out fast asleep on my flights, i pretend i work a bit on my personal edits - sometimes, i can't be arsed taking headphones and doing proper cuts, all i want is to start separating some of the footage while it's still fresh - everyone knows stories follow a 3-act structure ( exposure, action, resolution ) and after i dump files from a couple cameras, not all times i have them in that structure > suggestion >> let me split the timeline in three ( or five, if i'm feeling spielbergy and want to add plot-points between acts ) and as i'm looking through the clips i can dump them in either of those timeline buckets - what i'm trying to achieve with this is a quick way to dump clips in the timeline without having to constantly readjust or worry if they'll cancel each other, and make sure i don't forget to use certain clips that have content for more than one act in my story

( last but not least )

- let me hide stuff - LF is powerful and have loads of features and it's awesome and it's great and whatnot. ... . but i think it has a lot of thing that i don't use - some effects might be just be too kiddy and simply not my style - i just cut everything simple > suggestion a >> allowing to hide features you don't really use will speed up the workflow, because you reduce the number of taps to get to what you use.. . .. or... > suggestion b >> let me create my own first menu with the stuff i want to use and with faster access to tools and presets - there is very little options to streamline / customize your own options and i just would like to see a tiny bit more of that.. . . ...

not quite sure how well i explained myself on this post - i have way more suggestions where those came from - love the software blablabla.. .. and i know it's not just "ask this, ask that" - i just bought the fx-thingy. . .. don't think i'll ever use it . ... but it's a way to show support for the project, and hoping you guys keep it real and keep it awesome. . . . ... . let me know if you want me to put this explanation in a video, in case my wall of text sound too confusing. . ..

you all stay awesome

Author:  Dave Barton [ Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: // hello world

Hi lou_talks_mtb

Welcome to the forum

Yeah, we've had most of those suggestions before, but it never hurts to hear them again ;)

Pretty much everything is on the 'to do list'

Author:  Mark NZL [ Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: // hello world

Good suggestions though. Video editing is tedious and anything at all that reduces the number of taps is a real benefit (but maybe doesn’t sell :( )

Author:  lou_talks_mtb [ Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: // hello world

i thought about a couple other things i'd like to see - or maybe possible solutions to some problems ?

- if there's no adjustment layer, is it possible to assign a LUT or effect to the whole channel !? - sometimes you're halfway through a project ( or at the very end ) when you remember you'd have to do all clips individually all the way back - if you've a ton of cuts it'll be a nightmare - we can just move some cuts to the 2nd channel that we don't want to apply the LUT ( or want to apply a different one )

- massive cuts on the project - sometimes, i do a whole project and realize a section would fit better a different video - so i don't want to delete and remake the section so i copy the whole project - except i'm left with deleting individually a ton of small cuts - a massive cut behind / beyond / in this section / not in this section would improve workflow

- blank-clip - this is so useful to facilitate J and L cuts . . .. if only this was a blank-clip we could drop anywhere we want, not only on the main channel - please allow this block to be created and then moved around to anywhere - blocking the image from the channels below is super-useful

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