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Exporting troubles [SOLVED]
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Author:  Michiel [ Tue May 28, 2019 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Exporting troubles [SOLVED]


I'm shooting my movies with a GoPro at 60fps and h.265. I've created a 60fps project and edit my movie. In de preview in LumaFusion my final film will look super and there are no problems. Every frame is playing as it should be.

When i'm exporting the movie to my Apple TV i see the following happen

- When the shot is panned, it is not smooth
- Bushes (or the ocean) flickers

I've tried the following options:

60fps, h264, 30mbit/50mbit
60fps, h265, 30mbit/50mbit
30fps, h264 30mbit
30fps, h265 30 mbit
30fps, h265 7 mbit

I have also put the 60fps H.264 through Compressor and exported it from there to AppleTV 4 Best Quality. Also still not smooth and flickering.

On my computer it plays well, but on the Apple TV all of the above happens.

When i select Export to Photo's the whole movie is black except the photo's that are in the movie...

Edit: It had downloaded the files from iCloud, but now it will download them again. That caused the black screen issue. Why won't the files stay on my iPad???

I have exported the file to Photo’s from the iPad, from there i’ve exported the “original” to my MacBook Pro and added that one to iTunes homevideo’s.

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