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Change Vimeo account?
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Author:  wmskaggs [ Thu May 02, 2019 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Change Vimeo account?

Didn't realize I have 2 separate Vimeo accounts when I made my first export from Luma Fusion to Vimeo recently. Now the Vimeo login is set automatically when I make subsequent exports to Vimeo. I would like to use my other Vimeo account instead. Does anyone know how to change to this automatic login to Vimeo in Luma Fusion?

Also, I have noticed that when I try to export a 4K video to Vimeo from Luma Fusion the size of the temporary space available shown at the bottom of the export screen is much smaller than the actual free space on my iPad (says there is only about 523 MB when I have 80 GB free on my iPad). This does not occur when trying to export the same 4K video to YouTube which displays the correct amount of free space available on the iPad. Is this a bug in Luma Fusion or an issue with my Vimeo account?



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