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Author:  Rmrx8 [ Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  New user issues and questions

Hi, I’m hoping that people here know answers to these questions and if there aren’t any, LumaFusion developers can take these to heart.

1. I did extensive edits on 20 minutes of footage last night. Went to bed. This evening, the video is gone. By this I mean the source video...I believe it had been put onto my iPad via iTunes using the add to library and then drag and drop to iPad,..then brought in via iTunes video. I hadn’t synced or deleted the source material and yet now there is just a placeholder where my video used to be in the timeline. Given that all my edits are there, is there a way to tell LumaFusion which file to use after I copy it back down? I’d like to just say this is the video and have it relinquish it to the placeholders timeline.

2. Why is it that if have a video called myvideo.mp4 and I copy it to my iPad, NOWHERE in LumaFusion or for that matter in photos can you see this title? I see all the metadata...but not the file name. It’s Killing me when I have a bunch of similar videos and I don’t know which file is which.

3. What does it mean when, no matter how I drag the shuttle, as soon as I let go it rubber bands back to the same point in the timeline as when I started?

4. Could we get the option to pinch scale the preview video window for selecting the in and out points for insertion? I have a video that’s over 2 hours long and trying to select small portions of it is brutal. I’m either scrolling too slow with the jog wheel or huge inaccurate chunks by tapping in the timeline preview. Pinch zooming would be a godsend.

5. Any way to turn off rubber banding for fine positioning of an audio track or a second video track? If it’s too close it just snaps back to the origin... it great for fine syncing.

6. When I am trying to sync related video clips such as footage of the same stuff from two different cameras so I can transition between the two, is there a way to switch which video is given priority? I have resorted to applying a 50% opacity filter on the top clip so I can see through it to the base clip. I am thinking there must be some way to toggle back and forth between the clips so when I can decide where the best transition point is?


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