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Feature Request - Exposed folder for Archive Import/Export & maybe Output?
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Author:  LuckyJim [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Feature Request - Exposed folder for Archive Import/Export & maybe Output?

I’ve archived a couple of projects recently and I’ve created an Archive Export folder in the Files App which I can save to via Export/Other App then choosing Files App and selecting the directory. (Noticed it takes a very long time for a 20GB project... probably 20 minutes).

To restore it, you can simply click on the Project Archive in the files app and after about 4 minutes (for the 20GB Project) it restores into LumaFusion. Works well....

However it would be very nice to simply be able to choose a standardized Archive Folder as a destination or source for Archive and Retreval.

ALSO - how about a standardized folder (visible to the Files App) for Video Output? Again - it works if you do it via the Other App, then choose Files App etc, but would be nice to have as a default option.

AND Finally, have you noticed that when you copy an H.265 between locations in the Files App that iOS 11 converts it from H.265 to H.264? WTF? Also, using AirDrop to get your H.265 Video from your iPad to your Mac does the same thing.... OMG Apple!

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Author:  androum [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feature Request - Exposed folder for Archive Import/Export & maybe Output?

Hello LuckyJim

the issue with h.265 to h.264 conversion can be fixed in your settings panel

Settings - Photos - Keep Originals (should be checked).

We've made some changes in the next release of the app (which will be available shortly in the App Store) with regard to exporting to particular destinations. The app will now remember the last place you exported too.

It doesn't quite fix the issue you are having with archiving to "Other App', but it will remember the folder within Files once you have selected Files as the destination app.


Androu Morgan


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