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Translations and Importing having issues on 1.4 release
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Author:  PaulDGreen [ Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Translations and Importing having issues on 1.4 release

I am currently editing a project and was excited to see the new update but now I am having problems with two things at the moment

1. The "VideoCut-AudioCross" I am experiancing the audio at times dipping all the way out and then fading back up instead of a cross fade in between the two clips. Also with this same transition there are black frames right in the middle of the transition at times, it did not do this before. Even with insufficient frames at the beginning or end of a clip.

2. Importing clips are having issues. I used to be able to tap and drag audio or video on to my timeline from the preview window when a clip was selected in the bin, That is no longer functioning at all. And at times there is no option to drop the clip in with that downward arrow on the bottom left of the preview window. I don't know the name of the function tool. Ok upon further inspection it appears that maybe clips I have imported are having those problems the most. Before though I did not have these problems.

(New addition)

3. Key framing... what happened to key framing? I just tried to do a zoom in and back out and it doesn't work like it did just before this update. I'm going to have to figure this out but it's not like it was. A bit frustrating.

(Another thing found)

4. Audio inconsistencies... I keep finding my audio changing volume, sometimes it stops playing back, the exported version isn't the same, the ducking is really odd... I had NO issues with the previous version. Frankly, I think I'd like to go back.

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