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11 ideas that would be helpful
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Author:  Holau [ Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:59 am ]
Post subject:  11 ideas that would be helpful

Hi guys,

While I was doing my montage and struggled with some process I was wondering if you could implement these ideas:

1# Automatic slide photo container
imagine you can throw a box/container on the time line, when you double tap on it (as video and sound) you go in it and have the possibility to load photos, select a transition template or create your own. A bit like QUIK from GoPro. I don't ask for a full auto feature, but at least for photos.

2# Beat grid
If we can have an automatic grid generated on sound tracks that would be awesome

3# Stabilizer feature
Thats would be really useful. For instance, when doing "hyperlapse/timelapse" and have the video stabilized.

4# Drawing feature
Some kind of feature that will record in real time your drawing to be placed over your montage.

5# Remain feature
For instance I want to change the speed time of several successive shots, what I currently have to do is : Double tap (to enter in edit mode) then tap on time speed, go out and do the same process for all the others. What would be useful will be not to be obliged to re-tap on speed time for the next. Meaning that if I want to edit a second video, when opened in edit mode it will remain the last feature I was on. Can be for any other tools (filter, audio...).

6# Ability to chose applying effect on one part or the whole clip.
Here another proposal to improve the workflow. Will it be possible to chose when entering edit mode if the FX (filter, sound, speed...) can be applied just to the part selected or the whole shot ? Because sometime you slice a video and throw parts of it a bit everywhere and using copy and past is OK but it quickly become time consuming.

7# Lock in time feature
A button or way to lock a clip in time.

8# Multi-selection tool (or way)
I might have missed it but a way to select multiple clips would be great. It could be done as sliding you finger on clips you want to select (a bit like layer in Affinity photo for instance)

9# Grouping tool

10# A way to compose videos (to apply FX on a package)

11# Could you add (even through additional packs) features like:
- New transitions
- Shadow and highlight setting (allowing to set them hue)
- Glitch/tweak/RGB split etc... FX

That's quite a bit of request. I'll stop there ;)

Thank you by advance.

Author:  androum [ Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 11 ideas that would be helpful

Hello Holau

thanks for your list. Some good ideas in there, some we have seen before.

I will add them all to our feature request database


Androu Morgan


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