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Author:  Fabian_Sl [ Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  LumaFusion wishlist

Hi there!

I would love to thank you for your fantastic work. It is becoming more and more the Final Cut for iOS devices. Really cool. Apple should support or buy you! ;) It is a shame that they don't really develop iMovie any further. Good that you are here to fill that gap!!

But here I have a little wishlist with features that I miss in LumaFusion in everyday use. Here it comes :) sorry for the long post!

LumaFusion Wishlist

- Automatic audio ducking: I love your brandnew audio ducking feature. This is something I really wished for. But I have one more wish (besides volume leveling for ducking which you already announced ;) ): Automatic Audio ducking. Right now the ducking is done when there is a master track. But if you have an audio recording of half an hour with lots of voice overs you would have to do a lot of cuts to the master track (or a lot of keypoints) to make the ducking work. I know: Right now it is exactly like in Final Cut Pro. But I don't like the ducking there too ;) Please try to add automatic ducking. Please take a look at the app Ferrite („Ferrite“ von Wooji Juice Ltd It's the only app I found which can do automatic ducking on iOS. Or at Screenflow for MacOS. If you have lots of voice overs, automatic audio ducking can save you so much time.

- Batch Export: I still would like to see this feature in LumaFusion. Due to the iOS limits you can't render in the background. So, if you have multiple projects you can only render them one by one. Soo time consuming and you always have to stay at your device.

- Question: Is there really no chance of background rendering? Even at a slower speed? Maybe when one works at one project, can another project be rendered in the background with limited resources? Or something like rendering in the background with limited resources and you get a push notification when rendering is done? There are some apps which stay active in the background using GPS (no Navi Apps). Maybe LumaFusion could remember how much has been rendered and continue when the app turns back to foreground?

- Resume YouTube upload: For better understanding. I have an unstable Internet connection which gets cut every now and then. If my connection is lost during upload, I have to start the whole process (even rendering) again. Is it possible that LumaFusion could continue the upload when the connection is lost shortly (like the YouTube app or the Chrome desktop browser)? Additionally LumaFusion could save the rendered file to my photos library or in the app, so that I don't have to go with the time consuming rendering again. Combine that with the batch export from before and you have a killer feature ;)

- Jump to the cut point: if I cut something out of my video (two cuts, one delete), the playhead stays at the same point of the last cut. It would be great if it could jump to the point of the first cut (the point where the tracks meet), so that I can easily make a transition at that point. Like Final Cut does.

- Split screen and multitasking on iPad (you don't support this right now, do you?). So maybe I can use YouTube to upload a video and work at my project at the same time. This would save so much time. Don't know if the hardware is powerful enough, but the new iPad Pros should handle this, shouldn't they?

- I really would love to see the drag and drop feature from iOS 11 for LumaFusion. So that I can drag music, voice overs, video clips or pictures directly into my timeline. That would be so cool! And save time. Byebye nasty importing and App switching :)

- Clip nesting: This would be a cool feature which could easily make the 3 video and 3 audio tracks even more usable for larger projects. Anything planned? Is it even possible?

- Mark multiple imported files so that one can delete multiple files at once

- Automatic transitions (you already had them in Pinnacle Studio Pro :) ). Useful for Slideshows and family videos.

- Automatic slow motion playback for slow motion clips (like in iMovie and Final Cut). Right now I have to manually slow them down. Very time consuming if you have lots of normal and slow motion clips in your project.

- ProRes support and Alpha Channels. I know, this ain't coming any time soon due to iOS limits.

Sorry for my complicated explanations, hope you understand them ;) And don't get me wrong. I love your product! And I understand that everything is a question of priorities and resources.

I am really happy to work with LumaFusion. Hope you can stay and keep up the good work. You are definitely the number one video editor for iOS (there is nothing even close on Android).


Author:  knobbydave [ Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LumaFusion wishlist

Hi Fabian

Some great suggestions in there. Some of your wishes are being tested now, so hopefully they will come true soon!

Terri, Chris, Androu some great ideas in here!

Author:  cdemiris99 [ Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LumaFusion wishlist

Hi Fabian,

For the auto ducking, is it that you want it to have a threshold for the 'master' track, that it only ducks the other track if the master track goes above that threshold?

Unfortunately we cannot background render - AVFoundation does not have that capability (maybe Apple will change that in the future, but I'd be surprised). However, with our upcoming LumaConnect on Mac, with one-touch you'll be able to send the project to your Mac for rendering (LF will take some time to package up the media and the project, but generally much less time than rendering). Also, we do plan to have the upload be able to work in the background once rendering is complete when you do render on your device.

I've added LF-1211 for batch export feature request.

We will refactor our uploading completely in the future (including background uploading and auto-resume) - not sure when we'll get to this, but it's on the list.

I've added LF-1212 for the jump to cut point on delete (I'll try and get that on in 1.4, it "should be simple")

We will be adding support for split screen multitasking as well as all of the nice multi-file drag-and-drop functionality for iOS11

We probably can't easily do true clip nesting (though as the hardware gets better, who knows), but we might in the future add a rendered-down nesting (where the nested composition is auto-rendered down to a single clip within the larger project).

You can mark multiple imported files for deletion. After you select one file, notice that the ... button at the top changes to a checkmark. Tap that to turn on multi-select, then you can keep selecting multiple items, and you can delete a bunch at once.

We will add back in automatic transitions at some point :-)

Added LF-1214 for the request for automatic slow motion

For ProRes, LumaConnect will allow you to work with H264 proxies on the iOS device, then render with the original ProRes back on the Mac. I hope Apple will add alpha channel support, but I'm not holding my breath. We will add support for separate color and alpha videos in the future.

Thanks very much for your feedback. Our goal is to continue to make LumaFusion a true replacement for desktop editing in all areas, so we're always happy to hear from users what features will help them get there.

Author:  Fabian_Sl [ Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LumaFusion wishlist

Hi Chris!

Thank you very much for your reply and your explanations!! Looking forward to LumaConnect! And a "rendered down nesting" sounds also very helpful!

Must have missed the possibility to mark multiple files :shock: :lol: Thx!

Regarding ducking: Exactly!
For better understanding: I often record commentary or readings on a separate track (with a separate hardware or app). But this means that there are lot of silent passages on that track. The "slave tracks" (music, gameplay audio or video audio (whatever)) shall only lower the volume when I talk on the master track. Right now I would need to cut out all the silent passages on my commentary track or use keypoints to make the ducking work.

In Screenflow or Ferrite I import my two (or more) tracks. The "Slave"-Track(s) will automatically be ducked as soon as there is voice on the master track (I think this is what you mean with "above a certain threshold"). No need for cuts or keypoints on the master track, this saves a hell lot of time! And you know: It's all about the workflow!

It would be so great to have this feature in LumaFusion!

Thx! Keep up your great work!

All the best,

Author:  lexuz [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LumaFusion wishlist

For ProRes, LumaConnect will allow you to work with H264 proxies on the iOS device, then render with the original ProRes back on the Mac. I hope Apple will add alpha channel support, but I'm not holding my breath. We will add support for separate color and alpha videos in the future.
ARE YOU SERIOUS??? If you make this feature available, I am ready to support it as in-app or separate purchase. This is going to be a killing feature. Period! :)

Author:  knobbydave [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LumaFusion wishlist


If Chris says it, it IS serious :D :D

So don't forget to leave a good review on the app store please

Author:  lexuz [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LumaFusion wishlist

I will do my best. I already moved over to iOS 11 (btw, LumaFusion works fine) and I cannot post reviews. But I think I can do that from iTunes on a desktop.

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