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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:55 pm 

Joined: Fri May 22, 2020 10:45 am
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Hi. I’ve watched the official Lumafusion videos on YouTube and some third party ones too and am still puzzled about the best file management/storage practices.

At present I film (with Filmic Pro) on my iPhone and edit on Lumafusion on iPad.
I copy the video clips to the photos app so that they can be sent via AirDrop to iPad. (Seperately I use iMazing to copy the same clips from my iPhone to my Mac and to an external backup disk, so that I don’t end up losing them in the long run.)
Once they’ve AirDropped to iPad I access them via the Sources > Photos option.
But is this the right/best way? Am I duplicating everything rather than just moving? (My iPad is continually full and I have to keep erasing clips, even though I have 256 GB overall.)
I even purchased an iDiskk 128 GB drive, with lightning and USB-C so that I could transfer clips from iPhone to iPad directly (and have a copy/backup on an external disk) but after working for two clips, that just now reports Transfer Failed, so I’m back to square one.

How does anyone else manage the process of moving from iPhone/Filmic Pro to iPad/Lumafusion. I’m sure it’s a common workflow but I can’t get a clear sense of how best to manage it. As I say, the official Lumafusion instructions only added to my confusion: it’s a great app but frustratingly less than clear on the basics. At this point, I’m strongly considering going (back) to FCP, if only for its much more logical (and secure) file management.

And, just one thing: I don;’t want to pay for GBs of storage on iCloud. There has to be a better way that would work on the road as well as back at base.

Many thanks for any examples/advice given.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 5:48 pm 
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I mainly use my iPhone for filming and the iOS camera app because it’s the fastest to get running out of my pocket. You might be interested in this post about using Filmic from the lock screen

My phone doesn’t have iCloud photos on and my iPad does. This allows me to choose which media backup in iCloud. iCloud photos wasn’t designed for video making and is too slow for transferring source material for video and to watch old video projects.

I airdrop from phone to iPad via an archive file. When the iPad receives it the iPad asks you which app to use. You can choose the Files app and save directly to the LumaFusion/UserMedia folder without them being added to the Photos app. Here’s a shortcut for sharing media to an archive ... 65438ad6d4

I also use an SD card reader to transfer media mainly when I film with a video camera to get long zoom shots. LumaFusion will read files directly from an SD card but it’s usually slowish and I usually use the Files app to copy the files into LumaFusion/UserMedia.

Note that LumaFusion will also make a temporary copy of any media you use in a project until the project is deleted. Another thing people regularly have trouble with is that any files deleted by LumaFusion or the Files app are at first just moved to Files/RecentlyDeleted for about 30 days. The system will permanently delete them earlier if space is required but otherwise they will still show as LumaFusion memory usage. You can manually delete files in RecentlyDeleted to release memory immediately.

People also use external drives to transfer media but I’ve never felt the need to and prefer to keep my gear as small as possible for travel. I make lots of videos but they are usually short (1-3 minutes) but with lots of roughly 3 sec clips. Your requirements are probably different.


PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:03 am 
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For management, I use Documents 5 for everything, to keep current projects out of Apple’s file system, like Photos. That way, when I am preparing for a new project that I’ve recorded on my iphone or Osmo Pocket via iphone then airdrop to my ipad (512g), open up Lumafusion and the only thing in LF’s browser are my current clips... and LF has a really nice way to see which clips you’ve used with a red bar on used clips.

For assets or even old clips, I keep everything organized in Docs 5 and I just drag and drop into LF.

My Docs 5 app is my biggest consumer of my ipad space... that’s by Readdle, by the way.

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