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Can you trust IOS photo albums ?
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Author:  Shrimpy [ Mon Oct 12, 2020 3:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Can you trust IOS photo albums ?

Not a bug with Lumafusion but a bug in IOS that impacts Lumafusion.

I normally dump all of my footage into the photos app and choose clips from that location. I put clips into albums one for each day of the shoot. There have been a few times recently where a clip I thought I had shot was not in the album. At first I put it down to maybe I had failed to press record properly but when it happened a few more times I double checked in the actual photos app all photos view and sure enough there they were.

If you choose days view you get the opportunity to select a whole day at once and place them into an album. I had done this and yet I now discover that it does not always put all of the clips selected into the album. So if you ever think you shot something and you are using that method chances are the clip has not been placed in the album but is sitting in the all photos page.

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