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LumaFusion 1.6.4 is now available on the App Store. This update includes major fixes for audio sync issues that users have experienced in some projects

LumaFX 2.5 is now available on the App Store. This adds new ways to import media, and fixes the issue with importing LUTs

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LumaFusion 1.3.1 is now available in the App Store, and is a free update for all LumaFusion owners.

If you like LumaFusion and the support we provide, please help us out by updating your ratings and reviews after you update (ratings reset after each update). It helps us continue to bring you improvements and new features.

This update includes a large number of improvements and bug fixes:


* Adjusted snapping when dragging on the timeline so that snapping is more subtle, and when zoomed in to a point where you’re already snapping per frame, additional snapping is turned off.
* The time cursor now changes width to show the duration of a video frame, and make it much more obvious how zoomed in you are.
* The time cursor also changes color, blue when snapping is on (when you’re zoomed out), white when zoomed in and working per-frame)
* Transitions no longer require trimmed media for the entire transition. If there is not enough media, the video will hold. This makes it much easier to adjust transition sizes without affecting edits.
* An info indicator will appear on a transition if there is not enough media from either clip to play through the transition. If you select the transition, a message will indicate which clip(s) you should trim if you want media to play through the entire transition.
* Transitions are much easier to position when dragging and dropping.
* Improved timeline update performance, particularly with projects that have a large number of clips (clips now appear more quickly, then update with icons and text immediately after)
* LF-1126: Adjust whether asset info or trimmer view is displayed based on current clip view when possible.
* LF-1123: Double-tap or send to timeline button should be able to insert beyond the end of the main track.
* LF-836: Clips on other tracks will link to clip added to main track as long as they haven’t been explicitly unlinked.
* LF-1029: New layout for Color Picker so it will work in landscape on iPhone SE
* LF-1073: Increased speed limit to 6x on newer devices
* LF-867: No longer allow zoom and scroll at same time in timeline (too easy to get position messed up)
* LF-1049: Restored indicators to timeline clips. Also added separate indicator for color effect and other effects


* LF-1125: Media imported from Dropbox not in correct folders, and media should always be imported with unique filenames so it doesn’t overwrite. * This build is a candidate for submission
* LF-1124: Many clip drawer tools labels are truncated in certain languages.
* LF-1120: Export to Youtube shows mdcat instead of Category
* LF-1119: Projects with speed-adjusted clips don’t archive properly when using Trimmed Media option
* LF-1118: Big opacity differences between FX preview and timeline preview
* LF-1117: Speed-adjusted shots freeze when scrubbing in some cases (note that you may see a small delay in some cases, but now it recovers)
* LF-1116: If you delete a project, then select a project that is in the same position in the list, you’ll get a ‘no project selected’ error
* LF-1115: Opening clip editor for single-frame clip crashes
* LF-1112: Sometimes when the previously selected project is scrolled offscreen, selecting new project fails and project manager closes
* LF-1110: Checkmark not appearing when selecting effects in timeline presets view
* LF-1104: The ruler was shifting and showing incorrect times when dragging a clip in some cases
* LF-1103: Slip trim and source trim buttons disappear on iPhone landscape
* LF-1102: Archive estimated size hilariously miscalculated if blank clip used in timeline.
* LF-1095: Export error when using clips with 5.1 surround audio.
* LF-1094: Push and Slide transitions not working when added to end of clip
* LF-1079: Incorrect handling of anchored clips when trimming a head transition
* LF-1072: Trimming head of clip often makes player controls disappear
* LF-1070: Audio is unlinked when a head-transition is added to a main-track clip
* LF-1058: Cloning a speed-changed clip with a head transition would not calculate the correct starting time for the new clip
* LF-1057: Speed reversed clips not archived/restored properly. Note that the re-imported project will have the clip properly reversed but will not show the reversed flag (this is usable for now, but we will fully resolve this in a future update).
* LF-1052: Sharing presets vis Airdrop does nothing
* LF-1050: Crash when switching from 60 to 30 fps and tapping on a 1-frame photo
* LF-1048: Tapping on color presets resets all keyframes
* LF-1047: Saved title presets not properly storing user images with the preset
* LF-1040: Missing localizations for titler controls
* LF-1039: Crash when resizing font in titler
* LF-1037: Imported images are not archived properly
* LF-835: Editing when a main-track clip with multiple-anchored clips would often cause anchored clips to shift between tracks unnecessarily
* LF-832: Trimming would often show incorrect shifting of anchored clips before release
* Fixed top crashes

Chris P. Demiris

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