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LumaFusion 1.3 is now available in the App Store
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Author:  cdemiris99 [ Sat May 06, 2017 12:10 am ]
Post subject:  LumaFusion 1.3 is now available in the App Store

LumaFusion 1.3 is now available as a free update in the App Store.

Please update your ratings and reviews after updating. It helps us continue to bring you improvements and new features.

This update includes:


• Project Archive and Restore
- Include all media, trimmed media (for a smaller file), or no media (just the edit list)
- Import project archives from the Project Manager screen or using Open-In from another app

• Audio-Only Export. Choose m4a or wav file, up to 96KHz

• 360° VR Metadata Injection in Export Settings
- Choose 2:1 aspect ratio for your project, import and edit your VR clips, then choose 360 Mono for export
- Also provides options for stereo 360 (top-bottom, left-right) if you’re lucky enough to have a stereoscope 360 camera

• Motion Presets make it easy to quickly create Ken Burns effects and PiPs. Save and share your own presets from the Clip Editor.

• Save and share Effect Presets (with multiple effects and all keyframe animation)

• Manage all of your presets in the Clip Editor. Long-press on a user preset to rename, share, or delete.

• Attributes Clipboard. Copy attributes of your choosing from one clip to another (motion, opacity, volume, color and other effects)

• 5 new royalty-free music tracks

• Add Clip Button. Tap to quickly add Voiceovers, Transitions, Blank Clip and Main or Overlay Titles.

• Clip Tools Button - Organizes all the tools you need to edit clips in the timeline
- Info - See media metadata, edit transition duration, edit text in titles, and Easy editing of text in titles from the Info panel
- Slip - Slip Trim a clip to get just the right shot for your edit
- Clone - Quickly duplicate a clip - particularly useful for titles
- Detach - Separate audio from a video clip (you can also triple-tap a video clip to detach audio)
- Link - Link and unlink clips from the main track
- Presets - Easily select motion, title, transition and effect presets (built-in and your own saved presets) without opening the Clip Editor
- Edit - Open the clip editor (you can open the clip editor by double-tapping on a clip as well)
- Clip - Open the Attributes Clipboard

• iTunes File Share support. Add clips to Documents folder in iTunes and when you start LumaFusion it will move them into Imported media album


• Color Selector. Paste or type in web hex colors, save quick preset colors (long-press preset to save current color)

• Swipe left and right in the viewer to single-step

• Simplified Split tool - automatically splits either the selected clip, or all valid clips if no clip selected

• Select aspect ratio and frame rate when you create a project (you can still change it at any time in Settings)

• Added Position and Size sliders to Fit & Frame tool for more accuracy

• Opacity is now separately animatable from Position and Size

• Countless minor tweaks to improve user interaction and editing

• Fixed crashes due to photos and Zoom Blurs when exporting movies
• Fixed crashes due to waveform rendering
• Fixed numerous minor editing logic issues (particularly with linked clips)
• Fixed numerous UI issues (especially on smaller iPhones)

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